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Fire Rated Roller Shutters

At London Roller Shutter, we prioritize safety above all else. Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are meticulously designed to provide a reliable solution for fire containment and prevention in various applications. With their robust construction, advanced fire-resistant materials, and compliance with stringent safety standards, our Fire Rated Roller Shutters offer peace of mind and ultimate protection in the event of a fire emergency.

Fire safety is of paramount importance, and our expert team understands the critical role that Fire Rated Roller Shutters play in preventing the spread of fire, protecting lives, and minimizing property damage. With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in installing and maintaining Fire Rated Roller Shutters that meet the highest standards for fire resistance and reliability. From commercial buildings and industrial facilities to public spaces and residential properties, our comprehensive range of Fire Rated Roller Shutters offers tailored solutions to suit different requirements. Rest assured that our Fire Rated Roller Shutters have undergone rigorous testing and adhere to the strictest fire safety regulations, providing you with the utmost confidence in their performance and your safety.


Skilled Industry Professionals


Trusted Service Provider


Tailored Solutions Offered


Skilled Industry Professionals


Trusted Service Provider


Tailored Solutions Offered


Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters offer crucial benefits in fire safety. Designed with advanced fire-resistant materials and compliance with stringent safety standards, they provide reliable fire containment, protecting lives and property from the devastating impact of fire emergencies.

 Fire Containment Assurance

 Life and Property Protection

 Advanced Fire Resistance

 Compliance with Safety Standards

 Reliable Emergency Preparedness

With our Fire Rated Roller Shutters, you can have confidence in their ability to contain and prevent the spread of fire. These shutters are constructed using advanced fire-resistant materials, providing a vital barrier against the rapid spread of flames, smoke, and heat. By confining the fire to its origin, our Fire Rated Roller Shutters help protect lives, minimize property damage, and provide valuable time for safe evacuation.

Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are designed to comply with stringent safety standards, ensuring their effectiveness in fire emergencies. They undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed industry regulations, providing you with reliable fire protection you can trust. Whether installed in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or residential properties, our Fire Rated Roller Shutters offer a robust solution to enhance fire safety and emergency preparedness.

Fire Rated Roller Shutter

Enhanced Fire Security

Our fire rated shutters are manufactured to accommodate both three-phase (415V) and single-phase (240V) power supplies. We understand that different installations may have varying power requirements, and our shutters are designed to be versatile and adaptable. Depending on the specific power supply available at your location, our expert technicians will configure the shutter system accordingly to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

We take pride in manufacturing both single skin and twin skin fire rated shutters. Our single skin fire rated shutters offer a cost-effective solution while providing reliable fire protection. For enhanced performance, our twin skin fire rated shutters feature double layers with an insulated core, delivering superior fire resistance, thermal insulation, and acoustic properties.


Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are certified to meet specific fire ratings, such as FD30 and FD60.

Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters can be manufactured to accommodate various sizes, depending on specific project requirements.

Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are constructed using high-quality fire-resistant materials, ensuring reliable fire protection.

Yes, our Fire Rated Roller Shutters undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with safety and performance standards.

Absolutely, our Fire Rated Roller Shutters can be connected to fire alarm systems for seamless integration and enhanced fire safety measures.